The pilot project should cover in particular the following aspects concerning CCIs: Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting (FLIP):
  • Finance (Elaboration of guidelines, follow-up of EU CCI actions)
  • Learning (Support skills classification system, development of guidelines for CCI skills development, activities and dissemination)
  • Innovation (Guidelines for CCIs development, good practice cases and showcase events on innovative models, peer-to-peer hubs exchange)
  • Patenting (Analysis, case studies and recommendations)
Dateline for submission: 10 August 2018
Source: The European Commission

Illustration Photo: For two days in March 2010, VFS presented an immersive 2-day educational experience, exclusively for the most creative and driven high school students in North America. (credits: Vancouver Film School / Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0))


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