Author: Vinay M, Shivashankar s k

Publisher: International Journal of Technical Research and Applications


This paper describes the implementation of controlling physical parameters through IoT applications with GSM module. The ever increasing requirements for information being accessible at any time, from any place, regardless the type of remote device or planned operation, together with the need of complete control of a specific scenario or device has paved the way towards the next technological revolution: Internet of Things (IoT). In this project, the parameters are sensed by the respective sensors and are monitored by the individual microcontrollers. Finally, the values are displayed with the help of individual LCD displays. The microcontroller is connected to the PC through zigbee bus and the output will be displayed in that PC with the help of RS232 serial communication. This data is stored in the Pc and uploaded to the cloud. The system is reliable and stable. It is the most effective and most economical means of equipment safety monitoring.

Illustration Photo: Complete project module (Credits: Vinay M, Shivashankar s k)


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