we offer our products such as oil palm shells and charcoal briquets Palm kernel shel spec calorie carbaon: 4000_4800 7_18% moisture. ash: 3_5% max. impurities 3_5% max. 0_2% max sulfur The price of palm kernel shel 750,000 / MT FOB TONGKAN FULL DOCKUMEN and Inclut VAT Theprice of $ 78 / ton Fob export document's Mother Full vesse inVAT BRIKET Specs Carbon 85.00% Calories 7423.7365% water content 6.12% ash content of 1.72% briquette priceof bulk $ 950 / Ton briquette price package $ 990 / ton all harag FOB Port Port Surabaya and Semarang production of 50 tons / month loi send to silikaagung.cv@gmail.com bangbenaudry@gmail.com WA: 081241064429


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