Pfizer will award “Golden Tickets” to up-to two promising neuroscience startups

June 6, 2018 - CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)

Pfizer Inc. opens a call for interested U.S. startup companies focused on neuroscience to submit non-confidential proposals for a Pfizer-sponsored LabCentral “Golden Ticket.” LabCentral is a first-of-its-kind shared laboratory space located in the heart of Cambridge, Mass., proximate to Pfizer’s campus in Kendall Square, and is designed as a launchpad for high-potential life sciences and biotech startups. As a LabCentral platinum sponsor, Pfizer may transfer up to two Golden Tickets a year to qualifying U.S. startup companies.

“Pfizer scientists have worked for decades to advance potential therapies for devastating neurological diseases, and we recently expanded our investment capital commitment with approximately $150 M to focus on early-stage research in neuroscience through our Pfizer Ventures investing arm,” said Uwe Schoenbeck, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, External Science & Innovation, Pfizer. “Pfizer’s goal is to foster the next generation of powerhouse biotech companies by supporting the entrepreneurial, early-stage activities of true startups and we look forward to rewarding up to two startup companies with a unique opportunity to further advance their promising efforts in this important field.”

“Pfizer’s support of LabCentral underscores the integral role of start-up companies in scientific advancement,” said Johannes Fruehauf, M.D., Ph.D., cofounder and president, LabCentral. “The Golden Tickets will provide the highest-potential companies with an invaluable experience to work alongside other entrepreneurs and startups who are also working on groundbreaking science.”

LabCentral provides fully equipped, permitted, and supported lab space for biomedical research, plus programming and unmatched networking opportunities to help start-ups advance their science and build their companies. Each Golden Ticket represents a spot on a priority waitlist for residency and a voucher for prepaid rent for one reserved bench for one scientist on the first floor of LabCentral’s shared laboratory for one year, including the benefit of LabCentral’s shared infrastructure and services (such as conference rooms, permits, shared equipment and facilities, participation in LabCentral training modules, seminars, etc.).

Interested companies meeting the program eligibility requirements can submit an application for consideration by July 20, 2018.

Application forms and complete program terms can be found at A select number of finalist companies will be invited to present their proposals at Pfizer in August or September with winners announced thereafter.

Source: Pfizer

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