Authors: Nam Don Kim, Jungho Moon, Tae Yun Chung
Publisher: Zenodo
This paper proposes an Internet of Things (IoT) based virtualization platform for providing smart tourism services. The virtualization platform provides a consistent access interface to various types of data by naming IoT devices and legacy information systems as pathnames in a virtual file system. In the other words, the IoT virtualization platform functions as a middleware which uses the metadata for underlying collected data. The proposed platform makes it easy to provide customized tourism information by using tourist locations collected by IoT devices and additionally enables to create new interactive smart tourism services focused on the tourist locations. The proposed platform is very efficient so that the provided tourism services are isolated from changes in raw data and the services can be modified or expanded without changing the underlying data structure.

Photo: The web page screenshots (credits: Nam Don Kim, Jungho Moon, Tae Yun Chung)

This article is published under license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0


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