Nagoya-JAPAN, May 9, 2017

PRODRONE announces it has developed the PD-ANY, a platform that will allow you most anything to a four motor UAV by attaching four of the PD-ANY’s independent propellers and motors. 

PD-ANY is a new concept drone, “Don’t use a drone to carry your payload, turn your payload into a drone”. This unique and easily adaptable platform concept can be attached to virtually any item.It allows you to transport even heavy packages via their four or six adaptable motor arms.

Photo: PD-ANY (credit: PRODRONE)

PRODRONE’s goal is for the PD-ANY to make virtually any item fly the same as a conventional UAV through optimizing the best height and position of propellers. Further development, PD-ANY may have a counter-rotating propellers, wireless interaction between motors, and automatic calibration.

This platform is 4 kg(8.81lbs.) in total weight, with a maximum payload capacity of approximately 15 kg (33lbs.).
Virtually any item is now capable of flying by simply attaching the highly adaptable PD-ANY platform.



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