BriefTrace, provider of blockchain-first IoT infrastructure, announced today the company’s blockchain gateway technology has been integrated into Mentfield’s pharmaceutical supply chain solution. Together, the two companies will continue to pioneer the emerging Internet of Supply Chain as the pharmaceutical industry joins the early adopters of blockchain technology.

“Brieftrace is the ideal technology partner to support Mentfield’s digital supply chain transformation initiative”, Said Nitsan Hadar, Head Of Global Pharma & Time Critical Division Manager at Mentfield. “While our initial motivation was driven by the need for real-time monitoring innovation such as indoor location, ERP integration and data analytics services - BriefTrace offers phenomenal value by delivering blockchain-driven data security and immutability to power a compliant, pharmaceutical grade solution”.

“Mentfield was quick to understand the need for a new approach to real-time supply chain monitoring”, said Eyal Kamir, CEO of BriefTrace. “The pharmaceutical industry is only just beginning to acknowledge that the adoption of blockchain technology has already delivered transformational innovation to the supply chain ecosystem, and will continue to shape the industry's future.”

Source: Brieftrace

Illustration Photo: Pharmaceutical (CC0 Creative Commons from


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